How to Aeropress

How to Aeropress

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use an Aeropress to make coffee:

Materials Needed:

- AeroPress
- AeroPress filter
- Fresh coffee beans
- Grinder (if you have whole beans)
- Hot water (about 175-185°F or 80-85°C)
- Stirrer or spoon
- Mug


1. Grind the Coffee: alternatively order KO coffee in AeroPress grind to save you doing the work!
- Use about 14-18 grams (1 to 2 tablespoons) of coffee beans, ground to a medium-fine consistency (similar to table salt).

2. Assemble the AeroPress:
- Place a paper filter in the filter cap and rinse it with hot water to remove any papery taste and to preheat the equipment.
- Attach the filter cap to the chamber.

3. Prepare the AeroPress:
- Place the AeroPress on top of your mug with the chamber standing on its wide end.
- Add the ground coffee to the chamber.

4. Add Water:
- Pour hot water into the chamber up to the desired level (usually to the number 2 or 3 mark on the chamber, depending on the strength you prefer).
- Stir the coffee and water mixture for about 10 seconds using the provided stirrer or a spoon.

5. Plunge:
- Insert the plunger into the chamber and press down slowly and steadily. The process should take about 20-30 seconds.
- Stop pressing when you hear a hissing sound.

6. Serve:
- Remove the AeroPress from your mug, giving the brew a final stir if desired.
- Enjoy your freshly brewed AeroPress coffee!

- Experiment with coffee-to-water ratios, grind size, and brewing time to find the perfect cup for your taste.
- You can also try the "inverted" method, where you assemble the AeroPress upside down, add coffee and water, then flip it onto your mug before plunging. This allows for a longer steep time and can result in a different flavour profile.

Enjoy your AeroPress KO coffee! 🥊☕️

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